Looking for your next Wordpress theme can be quite a challenge at times with all the different websites out there. Here are some great starter links: WordPress Official Theme Directory 30 Free High Quality WordPress Themes 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes 21 Fresh, Usable and Elegant Themes 10 Fresh and Clean [...]

Interesting post on how using these words is bad UI design to represent older and newer content. Instead replace Previous, Next / Back etc. with "Older" or "Newer" links. A commenter also states that it's not only the words used but that they are consistent throughout the site as well - simple but often missed [...]

This WordPress plugin allows you to create sections of text in your post or page which expand/collapse when clicked on. You simply wrap the special tags around your text, and set the ‘expand link’ (the link visitors click on to show the text). If your visitors do not have javascript enabled, the ‘expand link’ is [...]

The laughter chain is a viral marketing campaign conducted by Skype. The concept was to link together a chain of people laughing at the previous submission. Hit the read more if you need a good laugh. Did you know: University of Chicago studies show a great sense of humor can add an additional 8 years [...]

I came across StickyStreet.com through an article written by my amazing invoicing / time tracking web application. Sticky Street is a customer loyalty web application targeted towards small business. With Sticky Street your business can easily create, manage, and track your own custom client loyalty and gift card programs with or without plastic cards or [...]

Not sure how a date or meeting is going to go? Schedule a automated call from GetMooh.com (GetMeOutOfHere) to ring your cell at a predetermined time. GetMooh.com will call you with the automated messaged you picked and give you a chance to escape that mind numbing meeting. GetMooh.com is free and works in most countries. [...]

Caterer.com has released a new Little Gordon video that is just as hilarious as the last. These videos are part of a viral marketing campaign sponsered by Caterer.com that they claim is an attempt to help stressed-out summer hospitality workers relax, and "show new industry talent how enjoyable and attractive the sector is." Check it [...]

Wordpress has continued the tradition of releasing a "point one" bug fix release about one month after a major release. The 2.6.1 release contains over 60 bug fixes, get it now at Wordpress.org

If you're like me your Gmail account now has thousands of e-mails and the simple search is not cutting it anymore. The real power in Gmail comes from using search operators to narrow your search results like the examples below: If I want the email Lisa sent me with her flight information so I know [...]

Being unable to view a document because you don't have the latest software is a thing of the past with ZamZar. ZamZar is a free online document conversion tool that allows you to upload a document(s) and have it converted into a format you can open. They have an exhausted list of conversion types that [...]