This error seems to be floating around the internet in the last 48 - 72 hours. It effects Windows users using Internet Explorer and has started a long thread over on Facebook. Apparently it's being caused by a recent automatic update from Microsoft. There is no fix as of yet, some users report that deleting [...]

Being unable to view a document because you don't have the latest software is a thing of the past with ZamZar. ZamZar is a free online document conversion tool that allows you to upload a document(s) and have it converted into a format you can open. They have an exhausted list of conversion types that [...]

If you try to synchronize your computer clock with one of the default servers in Windows XP you will get the following error message: An error occured while windows was synchronizing with or To get this feature working again download, open and run the file below. Now you will have a much bigger [...]