Short URL services have become a critical part of sharing links around the web. These services take a long URL like and convert it to a smaller URL like Both links point to the same source, one just has fewer characters (17 vs 53) These shorter links save precious space, which is critical [...]

Wordpress 2.7 is just around the corner. Are you ready? Check plugin compatibility Check automatic update web host compatibility Check theme compatibility

Looking for your next Wordpress theme can be quite a challenge at times with all the different websites out there. Here are some great starter links: WordPress Official Theme Directory 30 Free High Quality WordPress Themes 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes 21 Fresh, Usable and Elegant Themes 10 Fresh and Clean [...]

Interesting post on how using these words is bad UI design to represent older and newer content. Instead replace Previous, Next / Back etc. with "Older" or "Newer" links. A commenter also states that it's not only the words used but that they are consistent throughout the site as well - simple but often missed [...]

This WordPress plugin allows you to create sections of text in your post or page which expand/collapse when clicked on. You simply wrap the special tags around your text, and set the ‘expand link’ (the link visitors click on to show the text). If your visitors do not have javascript enabled, the ‘expand link’ is [...]

Wordpress has continued the tradition of releasing a "point one" bug fix release about one month after a major release. The 2.6.1 release contains over 60 bug fixes, get it now at